Mill Hill Press

This past June 2015, Mill Hill Press launched it's latest publication, Sailing Around Nantucket, A Guide to Cruising the Island by Alfie Sanford. Alfie has been sailing Nantucket's waters since he began traveling to the island as a young child. He's raced and cruised Rainbows, Yankee One Designs, and Alerions that he and his brother introduced to the island, as well as his beloved 56 foot yawl, Impala. In recent years, he has crossed the Atlantic and taken Impala cruising in the fjords of Norway and around the eastern Mediterranean.

But what makes this book distinctive is his knowledge of, and loving concern for, every minute detail of Nantucket's waters, and for the broad mystical pleasures a cruising sailor enjoys while exploring the interaction between land and sea. In addition to expert nautical details of tides and currents, anchorages and winds, Sailing Around Nantucket is full of his hand-drawn charts and photos showing the island's coastline and harbors.

Our collaborative efforts in the year of 2013, led us to a wonderful partnership with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. We were proud to unveil the book, For Love of the Island, a commemorative publication that captures a celebration of fifty years of the Foundation’s preservation and stewardship activities on the nearly 30% of the island it has acquired. Reflected in this 136-page volume is some of the best new work of island photographers, accompanied by descriptions of the properties and essays exploring the unique aspects of conservation on Nantucket.

In 2012, Mill Hill Press, enjoyed publishing the best seller Nantucket: A Natural History by Peter Brace. Egan Maritime Institute collaborated with Peter due to the high interest in his previous book Walking Nantucket: A Walker's Guide to Exploring Nantucket on Foot. That summer, Mill Hill Press offered walking tours hosted by Peter that highlight some of his favorite walks, providing participants with a glimpse into the history and beauty of our island. Peter continues to provide walking tours and you can find more information here.

Mill Hill Press began operation in 1984 with the publication of Anton Otto Fischer: Marine Artist. Known for its distinctive Nantucket books, Mill Hill Press is the most prolific publisher of books related to the island and its maritime heritage. Mill Hill Press publishes books on topics ranging from the history of Nantucket, literature, art and architecture to the island's traditions and relationship with the sea. Through the annual publication of its books, Mill Hill Press promotes scholarly study and quality literature while capturing impressive images of Nantucket. Mill Hill Press is pleased to have the distinction of publishing several early works by the nationally acclaimed, best-selling author, Nathaniel Philbrick.